Elure WINS! Fourth Year in a Row - Best of Beauty Award!

Have you heard the news? Allure Magazine—the beauty expert—has announced its winners for the Best of Beauty Awards 2014! Altogether 242 amazing products in over 15 categories were selected as Best of the Best.

We were especially excited to see elure Advanced Brightening Lotion take the cake for Best Anti-Ager: Discoloration. Elure’s fantastic lightening properties are thanks to its patented key ingredient Melanozyme, a mushroom-derived enzyme that is proven to break down melanin in the skin. The Advanced Brightening formulation diminishes discoloration and age spots on your face and neck in much shorter time than the average skin lightening product.

What is it?

A hydroquinone-free skin lightening treatment for hyperpigmentation.

How it works?

Fades dark spots by breaking down melanin on the surface of the skin.

What the Experts say?

"We finally have a way of dissolving melanin on the skin, which means we can achieve lightening much faster, without irritation," says dermatologist Leslie Baumann. "Instead of having to wait the usual 12 to 16 weeks for results, my patients are seeing their hyperpigmentation fade within four weeks."

“I have been most impressed with not only the significant clinical fading response I have observed with elure, but also that the product could easily be incorporated into my patients’ skin care regimens without skin irritation” Tina Alster, MD, Founding Director of the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery

Elure Advanced Brightening Lotion is a Best of Beauty winner four years in a row, including 2011’s Beauty Breakthrough. It truly is an award-winning skin brightening lotion!

What Best of Beauty award-winning products are on your favorites list?

October 02, 2014 by Amanda Brown
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