Introducing Jan Marini Juveneck

The newest addition to the Jan Marini total skin care family is here! Marini Juveneck. A comprehensive neck cream that targets not only creases and wrinkles, but hydration, laxity and texture. This anti-aging neck cream is definitely a welcome addition to any total skin rejuvenation program.

As with all Jan Marini skin care, this product is clinically validated and saw a 94% success rate among participants. That's huge! The majority of women noted improved texture with skin that was softer and smoother. 78% saw improvements in laxity around the jawline. 

Too many women often neglect the areas around the jaw and neck, yet it's one of the first places that show visible signs of aging. An aged-looking neck can spoil all that time and effort you put into keeping your face young and glowing!

Jan Marini, CEO, has this to say about the revolutionary neck cream:

“The delicate neck area is highly susceptible to premature aging and is one of the first areas to show signs of aging yet this area is often overlooked. Regardless of the care one takes on their face, horizontal creases, textural changes, wrinkles and loss of definition along the neck and jawline can age an individual’s overall appearance. Marini Juveneck fulfills a need in the professional skin care market for a neck rejuvenation product that has dramatic visible benefits and is backed by clinical research. Marini Juveneck is the perfect complement to any at-home skin care program for total skin rejuvenation.”

And the results speak for themselves. In as little as one month, noticeable improvements are obvious and dramatic results continue with prolonged use.

Marini Juveneck is designed specifically for the delicate skin on your neck and you can rest easy: it's paraben-free! Its fully-comprehensive ingredients list targets multiple signs of aging in one great cream. You'll notice visible improvements in all of these areas: 

  • Lifting & Firming
  • Anti-Aging, Texture & Brightening
  • Calming & Soothing
  • Intense Hydration

So why wait, right? We're happy to announce Marini Juveneck Cream is now available at our store! You can see the full product details here.

Happy shopping and thanks for being a loyal customer!

October 09, 2014 by Amanda Brown
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