Get Rid of Brow Envy & Take Control of Yours!

It doesn’t take a beauty guru to know that eyebrows are hot right now. From Charlize Theron to Rihanna, everyone is boasting the best celebrity brows. But you know what? It's time to get rid of eyebrow envy and take control of yours!

The Goal: Eyebrows should enhance your eyes without becoming the focal point of your face. (Think: utterly-distracting unibrow and over-tweezed pencil lines!)

There is a happy medium and you can find it with these 4 simple tips.

  1. From Start to Finish. The ideal shape of your eyebrow is unique to the shape of your eyes and face. Sure, Megan Fox has seemingly-perfect eyebrows, but that’s because they complement her face. Your ideal shape must be in balance with your facial features. The starting point should line up near the inside edge of your nose on either side. The arch should then peak just outside the iris and taper off at an imaginary diagonal line that stretches from your nose past the corner of your eye and to the end of your brow.

  2. The Weight of Your Brow.  Too thin screams “stuck in the 90s!” and too thick can be overbearing. While there is no one-size-fits-all, there are ideals for every face shape. Square faces fare well with thicker eyebrows, while round faces can handle a high arched appearance. For elongated face shapes, a flatter brow with a low arch is recommended to open up the face. Heart-shaped faces should lose the sharp arch and go with a softer, rounded arch to help balance out a pointed chin. The luckiest of all face shapes, Miss Oval, can have her choice of all of the above.

  3. Tweeze, Wax or Shave? For shaping a more sculpted look, tweezing is the answer. You have much more control over the shape by removing individual hairs. Waxing is best to help maintain a shape that is already in place. Shaving is rarely (read: never ) a good idea. You have little control and can easily impair your eyebrows for weeks!

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  4. Brow Maintenance.  You have the perfect brow shape, now what? Develop a regular grooming schedule. You will have fewer instances of total re-shaping and, ultimately, less risk of brow impairment. On average, grooming your eyebrows every three weeks is enough. Of course, if your hair grows faster you may need to sooner. Tweeze only what is necessary to maintain natural-looking eyebrows. Overzealous tweezing creates eyebrows that are too thin with an unnatural appearance.

If you are in the midst of an eyebrow crisis, don’t worry! They will grow back. In the meantime, gently fill in the gaps and wait patiently. When you have ample re-growth, you can work on re-defining them according to the tips above. When all else fails, see a professional for re-shaping. Then you can rest easy with the stress-free job of simply grooming once every few weeks.

Are you flaunting your uniquely perfect eyebrows or on the road to re-discovery?

October 10, 2014 by Amanda Brown
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