9 Things That Make an Any Woman Look Older

Looking on the internet on how you can look younger, you’ll definitely come across various articles that list down your typical reasons or factors that contribute to making an aging woman look older. But there are also some interesting things I found out that were not so common if not for these articles and that’s why we’re going to share them with you and also see if some of them are not actually untrue.

Let’s start with the most common one – Posture. If you have better posture you tend to look younger since younger women have better posture and as we all know everyone gets a little bit lazier as they grow older. Not only does having better posture make you look younger but also give you a better figure like standing up straight and shoulders back.

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1. Yellow Teeth

If you’re in your 20’s or early 30’s and have yellow teeth, it will definitely unnecessarily make you a lot older than you look. You’ll take years off of your appearance by having a beautiful white smile. So go to your nearest grocery store and get a teeth whitening kit and use them for a couple of days and you’ll be shocked by the results.

2. Over-plucked or Over-shaved Eyebrows

Having over-plucked or over-shaved eyebrows is another contributing factor of making you look older than you actually are. A lot of women are guilty of this, especially ones who lived in the 90’s which saw a trend in thin eyebrows. Although they do grow back over time, your eyebrows will eventually stop doing so as you get older. Having natural looking bushy eyebrows makes you look younger instead of having drawn eyebrows from years of plucking or shaving them off.

3. Fingernails

Painting your fingernails is a little thing you can do to give yourself not only a unique overall appearance but also make your hands look younger. As we all know, as you age, your hands tend to show your true age including your face and neck. Make a habit of having your fingernails painted to make your hands look a bit younger. But it is a good idea to let them rest for a while by not having them painted from time to time.

4. Statement Jewelry

An uncommon factor that most of you might unaware of is wearing big and chunky jewelry. You might think this subjective but you can observe that younger women tend not to wear these types of “statement” jewelry in general.

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SuzanObagiMD | Age Intervention by Jan Marini

5. Long Hair

Some articles say that having long hair makes you look older. Although this might not be true at all since having healthy and thick long hair makes you actually younger and healthier since it adds volume and length. But keep in mind that you need to take care of your hair because having thinning hair will definitely age you no matter how long or short your hair is.

6. Skin Tone

Having too white or tanned skin makes you look older and this is true since you want to have that radiant glow of health when it comes to skin. If you are too white you may look pale and sickly and if you’re too tanned your age spots are more visible and your skin will look more “textured” in a sense. This is why you need to strike a balance for your skin when it comes to skin tone.

7. Dress to Impress

Although everyone has their own personal preference when it comes to fashion and what they want to wear but there are a couple of articles of clothing that might make you look older. This is why you should wear clothes that match your age but not necessarily wear something like granny or baggy clothes. What this means is that if you’re in 50’s for example, wearing short skirts or shorts would definitely not match how you feel and look inside. Even though some people might have amazing bodies by working out, people have this sort of innate ability that will give away your age just by looking at what you wear does not match your body and face.

Staying on the latest fashion trends can make you look younger but do not go overboard and dress appropriately. A lot of people also recommend wear form fitting clothes especially if you have the body for it. Some people might even mistake you for a younger woman. Speaking of being mistaken, they say wearing sneakers will make you look older since it’s not as fashionable with most clothes and dresses.

8. More or Less Makeup?

Wearing a foundation that doesn’t match your skin tone doesn’t only make you look like a clown but also makes you look older than you are. Online articles also states if either wearing more or less makeup age you or not. Some women like to put on more make up as they grow older on the other hand other women argue that you should go for less makeup for a more natural and graceful look. Whatever your choice is for makeup, as always with cosmetics, you should always find balance and do what suits you best.

9. Inside and Out

As you may have noticed, we’ve only talked about external factors when it comes to making yourself look younger but it is also important to note some internal ones such as attitude. Being too serious or have a generally bad attitude, then most people will perceive you as being older than you really are. Of course being playful or giggly isn’t what you want to project, but instead project positive emotions and attitude like being generally pleasant to people around you.

Last but not least is face posture. This simply means not having the dreaded “resting b*tch face” or having your mouth gaping open. As stated earlier, being too serious makes you look older and this is expressed in the face. That’s why you need to remember to smile more often, so that you’ll have fewer wrinkles on your face from frowning or being angry or upset all the time.

What do you think of these things that make an aging woman look older? Do you agree or disagree? Tell us more about your personal experiences with these factors.

August 13, 2019 by Ahryn Scott
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