Why Priyanka Chopra Jonas Choose Obagi®?

During the advent of cosmetic skincare products mainly focused on making the skin healthy, youthful, and radiant regardless of skin type. But Priyanka Chopra Jonas sets the record straight by saying, “Most high-end, luxury products are not made for people of color, so why the hell are we buying creams for ‘all skin types’?”

Chopra, who is an advocate for diversity and inclusion, states that since the world has become more diverse than ever, people around the world want the best skincare products that cater to their skin type. In an interview with Elle, she recommends Obagi because it has been tested on all six skin types according to the Fitzpatrick Skin Type Scale. Obagi is a female-led global skincare brand and has pioneered the skincare market.

The FitzpatrickScale was developed by Thomas B. Fitzpatrickin 1975 in order to have a numerical classification schema for human skin color according to the response of skin to ultraviolet light (UV). Although it was initially made for the correct dose of UVA for PUVA therapy, many dermatologists now use it in the cosmetic skincare industry and human skin pigmentation research. “It makes a big difference when they’ve been recommended by a skincare professional who can tell you exactly where your skin falls in the Fitzpatrick Scale,” Chopra adds.

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Obagi has been using this scale for 30 years to help develop its products and has now launched their campaign for “Skinclusion,” with Chopra as their brand ambassador. “What Obagi has done is revolutionary,” she says. She also added that other beauty brands should follow suit if they don’t want to get left behind.

In the past, Chopra was so confused which products to use for her skin and she would always “mixing products and trying whatever was advertising better,” she says. The selection process for her was basically trial and error and she relied on what her friends have experienced with other products to try them out for herself. She added, “That was the biggest hindrance that I had with beauty all of my life.”

When Chopra moved to Los Angeles, she was experiencing “crazy breakouts” and it serious enough that she decided to get her skin analyzed and that’s when she met Jamie Castle, Obagi’s President, and was recommended to try out Obagi. What she saw was amazing to say the least and the transformation was like ‘night and day’ that Chopra was instantly hooked. Other celebrities who also fell in love with Obagi have come out as fans, including Alcia Keys, Ayesha Curry, Drew Barrymore, and Sofia Crason.

So was always skeptical about using new products on her skin and that’s why she went to a dermatologist to have her skin analyzed because of the “crazy breakouts”, they recommended her to try out Obagi and become their spokesperson. But she wanted to test the products first before doing so since her face s her money maker as she exclaimed. As soon as she saw the effects of using Obagi, she was definitely hooked. That’s why she recommends going to a dermatologist about your skin types and what product is right for you.

Recommended Skin Care
Professional-C | Professional-C Serum 10% | Professional-C Suncare

Chopra is a big fan of the Professional-C line which has the purest form of vitamin C to brighten her skin and her skin “has never looked and felt better”, she says. She also gives us her a few of her favorite Obagi products which include the Professional-C Serum 10%, Professional-C Suncare, and the Medical Hydrate Facial Moisturizer. Obagi also features more than 100 products to choose from for all skin types and skin concerns.

She also recalls how a lot of people can’t find the best suited powder, foundation, or compact for their own skin tone and that’s what made her become the driving force for the “Skinclusion” campaign. Chopra also wants people to know that, “you wear your skin every day”, and that’s why skincare is “extremely personal”. She also adds that, “You shouldn’t have to choose products that costs hundreds of dollars to get the best skincare product or your skin type”.

August 13, 2019 by Ahryn Scott
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