In the massive world of the online marketplace, it's important to know who you can trust. In recent years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of online storefronts illegitimately selling name brand skin care products.

Unfortunately, this practice leaves you  - the customer - with several issues to face. Most importantly, the quality of the product you are purchasing. Is it really the same product as what is on the label? Is it expired? Did it come from a disqualified line not suitable for resale? What negative effects will it have on my skin? These are some of the questions being asked by those who have purchased name brand skin care products from such places as Amazon  and, among many others.

Jan Marini Skin Research, for example, has zero authorized retailers in the Amazon marketplace. Yet sales continue to occur under the name "Jan Marini." Customers have reported questionable items, discolored lotions and creams, and are inevitably left wondering: Was I scammed on this product?

However, it's not only the large marketplace venues like Amazon or eBay where unauthorized resellers are found. Several smaller storefronts have been named in the long list of those illegally using company logos, product photos and other trademark content. Such persons harm not only the consumer but they damage the reputation of the brands they sell with counterfeited or damaged goods.

Protect Yourself as a Consumer

When you set out to purchase premium quality skin care products, you should not have to wonder if it's premium quality skin care you receive. Shop only authorized retailers of the brands you love! Review the list below of some of the known unauthorized resellers to ensure you purchase only from online storefronts who supply authentic (not stolen or counterfeit) goods.

We Strive for Consumer Protection & Satisfaction

DermaHut is dedicated to gaining and maintaining the trust of our customers. Your satisfaction is our priority (as you can see in our 45-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee). At our store, you will find only those products from companies with whom we have developed a legitimate relationship and through whom we have become authorized retailers. We maintain close contact with our suppliers to continue to provide you with authentic products from your favorite brands at the best possible prices.

We proudly offer our customers high quality skin care you can trust!

Below is a partial list of known unauthorized internet resellers. This information is received from those companies with whom we do business to help inform and protect online consumers. Please take the time to protect your purchases, your skin health and continue to support your favorite brands through authorized retailers only.

List of unauthorized resellers of Obagi and Jan Marini products

See Obagi Medical Consumer Notice here.

See Jan Marini Skin Research Consumer Notice here.